Let’s Get Creative!

With an ever-increasing proportion of our community currently in isolation due to COVID, now is the time to get creative with your Whanau and come up with new and exciting ways to celebrate Neighbours Day Aotearoa 2022!

An initiative currently underway is the establishment of a Kai Highway, a stretch of roadside that is planted with all things edible – fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, and natives! The Dale family based on Raymond Ave are keen to get a Highway going on their street and their youngest family member Rosalie has had heaps of fun planting and cultivating seeds to share with the community. Check out the video of all her hard work!

If you would like to get involved in the Raymond Ave Kai Highway, or are keen to start one on your street, email us at chris@neighboursday.org.nz or for more ideas on how you can get involved in Neighbours Day visit the website www.neighboursday.org.nz